How to Buy

EXISTING CUSTOMERS who register will be approved and assigned to the approprate location at our earliest opportunity.


NEW CUSTOMERS must provide a completed application to be assigned to a location or allowed to purchase.  This is in addition to website registration.  Our account application with sales tax requirements is below.


ORDERS placed on the website will be processed and available for pick up the Next Business Day.   We strive to fill each order completely, but there are cases when items offered might not be available.  An order is a request and not guaranteed.  We will do our best to alert you with any issues.  If you need to ensure that an item is available, please contact your saleperson directly.


FUTURE ORDERS and questions about future item availability should be directed to your salesperson or emailed to  




DELIVERY by Bay State vehicles is only available to existing customers who currently receive that service or those who have made prior arrangements with us.


PAYMENT is required at the time of pick up or delivery.


CREDIT REQUESTS are handled on a case by case basis.  They must be made within 24 hours of receipt and accompanied by the item(s) in question and/or photos showing the issue.